Blog Updates: Trips, Jinxes and More Trips

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I have started planning my travel year out. I’m hoping I can sprinkle in some smaller trips between these but so far this what I’ve been working on.

First trip that’s coming up is my annual road trip. Last year, we did Route 66 (Nashville to LA) and on the way back we hit New Orleans and Alabama. This year we decided to travel up the Northeast coast to Maine. This means we will hit Richmond, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, New York, Boston, etc so many major cities to see and explore a bit. I have something different planned for this trip in regards to “recap” posts because those get so long and I get so tired of typing them. The video idea didn’t work because I stuck my memory card in my iMac’s disk drive (lol).

Second, we have the J. Cole concert in Atlanta that I plan on staying overnight for. I am not sure what else I will be doing but I’m trying to make a trip out of it even though I kind of hate Atlanta.

Lastly, we have American Film Festival in November. This was supposed to be Toronto Film Festival in September but…racism on Airbnb. Hopefully, I can get the tickets to the festival, they are free so they go fast but if not I will pay for the unlimited pass as long as the prices don’t increase from last year. This is my birthday present to myself. My goal for this trip is just be a different and more outgoing person. I want to go out on the town, go to art galleries,  and do things I wouldn’t typically do like make excuses about what I can’t see because I’m alone. I want to fall in love with independent films and teach myself how to ride a city bus.

So far this is all I have planned and confirmed. I didn’t want to talk about it until these were solidified because as soon as I talk about it prematurely, my plans crumble. It doesn’t seem like enough so I will definitely try to squeeze more in. I’m trying to be more consistent with the posts but I’ve been killing myself with overtime so I can have money to do these longer trips that I’ve been slacking. I reckon my posts days will be weekly on Fridays.

If you have any questions about travel, you can always comment here, instagram or twitter and I will answer as best and thoughtfully as I can.

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  1. Rae says:

    See, now I’m totally convinced that I need to do a road trip before the year is out. I’ve done one before last year, but it was all to places that I’ve been before, so I want to try something new.

    Maine is going to be soooo cool. I’ve always wanted to go so I’ll definitely be impatiently waiting to see Maine through your lens.

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