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Los Angeles: AFIFEST & Mudbound

Do I say I hate flying a lot? If I don’t, let me say it again. I absolutely hate flying. Typically, a couple days before my flight, I start seeing things about planes crashing, emergency landings, and of course, the American trends of mass murder. My anxiety blows through the roof as soon as I check my bag.

As soon as I sat down in my seat, I took a pill to calm my plane crashing meltdown and that was the worst decision that I made. 1. I took the whole pill. 2. By the time the plane started taking off, I had calmed myself down. I was moments into a movie before my head flew down in front of me and I was out for the count.


Cuba 4: You Better Bring Jim, James, Paul & Tyrone

As soon as I woke up, I just wanted to get my souvenirs and get out the country. I still wasn’t over being robbed and raped out of all my extra money. I had enough money to get a couple things for my mom and leave. That’s it. had no money to eat. I only had souvenir and taxi money.


Cuba Day 3: Either You Scam Today or Today Scams You

When I woke up, I knew that my day would be full of chaos and drama but I did not know how it’d manifest itself. I just knew I had to wake up early to switch apartments before Carla and I started the day. I didn’t have to worry about wasting money texting the group anymore because as quickly as they left me hanging they were headed back home.


Cuba Day 2: Santeria, The Experience.

When I woke up the next day, I did not want to move. I never want to move when I have an excursion the next morning. I got up though, barely. I called to wake Carla up and then laid there in silence before getting up to shower. Today we were going on this Santeria Airbnb experience before Carla left Havana to go on a solo adventure. I didn’t want her to go because I was not getting any responses from the group still but I wasn’t going to keep her from her fun. I had her for the time that mattered to me and I had my book and nice balcony to fall back on.