Cuba Day 1: And Then There Were Two

When I was heading to the airport, I left with hope and excitement that I would have a good time with a nice group of people but all good intentions die at some point right?

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Yearly Recap: Oh the places!

Sometimes I get so caught up in planning the next trip that I feel like I haven’t been anywhere or seen anything. Especially if a travel deal pops up and I have no money to nab it. So I have decided to write a post as a reminder of all the trips that I was blessed to take within the past year. Also a reminder to slow down and enjoy the present.


Recap Day 4 & 5: Adios. + Companies Used

My last day I wanted to spend time finding a beach that I can sit in for hours before Jesus came to scoop me up but after the long travel day that I had before..I was over it. I just wanted to spend my day not running into wildlife watching movies so when I woke up I tried to ration out the cookies and chips that I brought the day before but by noon I realized that I might not make it with the amount of food that I had so I got up and walked to the store nearby.


Recap Day 3: Queen of the Jungle

Kind of the top of the High Temple

Anyone have a problem with not being able to fall asleep when you have to be up early the following morning? Maybe it has to do with anxiety about oversleeping but if it’s super early I am up until the wee hours of the morning but I was up til 3 in the morning watching shows I was missing back home.  I should have forced myself to go to sleep because I was not right after I saw a black dot moving from the corner of my eye. I instantly thought maybe I was tripping but when I put my glasses back on my face I saw a scorpion heading towards my luggage.