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On The Road: Biltmore & Blackbird

I don’t want to make it seem like life is simply a swift brush stroke of negativity but my money is very important to me.It’s kind of like if we were dating and I give you my heart and you pass me a plate of unseasoned lackluster love with a side of bad sex and a tall glass of disappointment. When I give you my money, I expect that you respect it and treat it with dignity and respect. I don’t give it away lightly.

I preface this post this way because my coworker said my last review was negative. As the price goes up so does my expectations. Oh, it gets so real as that price increases.


The Downsides To Traveling Alone

As I am preparing for my second solo international trip to Belize, I have been aggravated to the max. Not because I’m not happy about being able to go but it’s the finding something to do while I’m there that is my problem. I want to be able to explore within a group atmosphere and finding a tour is proving to be the most complicated thing in the entire world.  Before I get into the downsides, there are some positives like not being on anyone’s schedule, not having to accommodate anyone else’s wants and not being bothered with endless chatter that leads to nowhere because someone feels the need to fill the empty space with words. But this isn’t about the positives.


Intinerary: No Excuses! [ Belize ]


I told my best friend a week ago, “For my next trip, I will go to a country that I might not feel quite safe going to by myself.” I said this to myself while rationalizing my decision to choose Aruba instead of Belize. Not that I felt like Belize isn’t safe. I haven’t heard much about the crime there but as an introvert I feel unsafe everywhere.

I feel unsafe next to the old lady in aisle 3 of the grocery store because she may talk to me. When I say safe, I don’t mean free of danger. I mean free of being without a safety net or a way out. Free of not having to do too much interaction with transportation, excursions or confusion of other cultures. I spoke about this in my previous blog but traveling alone internationally is another beast because now you’re not alone in another state where you dont know anyone but you’re in a whole country where you know no one.

Then I thought to myself, what kind of traveler example am I setting for my people who look to me like I am the most adventurous person that they know? How can I tell someone not to be scared to do it alone if I postpone my life because I don’t want to do the small trivial things?

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First Solo Trip – Seattle

For a lone introvert, the most annoying feeling is being scared out in the world alone. Especially when you learned four years earlier, in Brooklyn, that your innocent curiosity attracts crazy people like a gnat to rotten fruit. From the crazy guy on the train that tried to follow me back to my gated college campus and the crazy man that attempted to sneak through LaGuardia in my suitcase to meet my family, I didn’t feel too solid in the world alone.

But I guess it’s true in some form, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Although I didn’t particularly make it in how the saying goes, I made it out alive and that’s the important part. So if I could make it out of New York alive. The home of Law and Order, Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Law and Order: SVU then I figured I could make it in docile Seattle.

The reason I wanted to go was to see if I really wanted to move there post-graduation. I toyed with the idea of a couple places but pictures, TV, and movies had me romanticizing the hell out of Seattle. You will learn I tend to do this a lot, romanticize.