Final Thoughts on Cuba

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I spent months researching Cuba. I spent countless hours reading out how poor the country was. I even packed a roll of toilet paper and a first aid kit just so I would not die of first world problems. I was terrified more than excited. I felt like the beginning of Taken, trapped under the bed, trying to describe my captor. I didn’t think I would make it.

Cuba was shockingly not as bad as I thought it’d be. They had traffic lights! Hell, they looked better than ours. Belize did not have signs, lights or an inkling of organization to their roads. Is Cuba filled with crumbling buildings? Sure but so is Saint Louis. And Saint Louis doesn’t have as rich of a culture like Cuba.

My qualms with Cuba are with the food, lack of WiFi and being allergic to adhering to a schedule. Going into Cuba I knew that there was WiFi far and in-between but still…WiFi is life and life is WiFi. The WiFi parks were peaceful and full of laughter but the coverage was spotty and always disconnected. I know what you’re thinking too. Harper, you’re on vacat- shut up. I ain’t ask you for your criticism and judgment. I wanted to browse Instagram and Twitter while on vacation. Do you know how much of a news cycle you miss in America if you’re not logged into social media?

The Cuban food had mixed reviews so I was not expecting five star dining experiences everywhere I went. I don’t even eat three meals a day so this was not a bother to me but my friend was starving. To put the food into perspective, I had a “hamburger” with cucumbers on it instead of pickles. I tried to just go with it to be cultured but eventually I had to take the shit off my burger. Well, the meatloaf shaped like a hamburger patty because that’s what it tasted like. They also apparently don’t believe in potatoes because I got banana fries. They were more like extra thin banana chips instead of fries. They were bomb though. The infamous LaGuarida was decent but the service was trash. The one place in Cuba worth eating at was Habana Mia 7 across from Hotel Melia. I did not leave a crumb on the plate.

The WiFi, robbery, and food can be overlooked but the lack of care or regard for time, will be the sole reason why I would never step foot into Cuba again. Although, some folks president is going to reverse the Obama Cuba agreement so that may not be a concern soon anyway. I’m not a fan of lines. I don’t want to wait to get my bags, convert my money, to eat, or to leave the country. All of these folks run on their own time. It’s mentally and emotionally exhausting.

The country is beautiful. I enjoyed learning and seeing something new but I will stick to countries with WiFi and that are punctual.

*Also most foreign countries I’ve visited food has been trash with the exception of Canada. Does that even count?

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