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First Solo Trip – Seattle

seattle skyline

For a lone introvert, the most annoying feeling is being scared out in the world alone. Especially when you learned four years earlier, in Brooklyn, that your innocent curiosity attracts crazy people like a gnat to rotten fruit. From the crazy guy on the train that tried to follow me back to my gated college campus and the crazy man that attempted to sneak through LaGuardia in my suitcase to meet my family, I didn’t feel too solid in the world alone.

But I guess it’s true in some form, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Although I didn’t particularly make it in how the saying goes, I made it out alive and that’s the important part. So if I could make it out of New York alive. The home of Law and Order, Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Law and Order: SVU then I figured I could make it in docile Seattle.

The reason I wanted to go was to see if I really wanted to move there post-graduation. I toyed with the idea of a couple places but pictures, TV, and movies had me romanticizing the hell out of Seattle. You will learn I tend to do this a lot, romanticize.


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The scariest part of traveling alone is the idea of  dying alone mid-flight, going through a foreign airport lost and taking public transportation that you thoroughly Googled but you wonder if you thoroughly thoroughly Googled it. That coupled with the idea of getting, raped, stabbed, kidnapped and sold into a sex ring is also terrifying. Of Course.

But Seattle was a pleasant surprise. What makes traveling to Seattle calming for the timid traveler is Tacoma’s airport has a train that takes you all the way into downtown Seattle. The walk to the train from the airport is not horrible but it’s so long to the point where you stop and wonder if you missed a sign to turn. Once you make it to the station and buy a ticket, it’s a breeze! It’s easy to ride and there are no confusing extra stops. It only goes back and forth. Also, the people there are super friendly. If you’re ever lost they will give you proper directions, unlike people in New York who will tell you that everything is a couple blocks up and leave you walking in circles for 40 days and 40 nights.

The coolest thing about your first solo trip is that you will learn what type of traveler you are. Usually, we have spent our entire lives traveling to see people or traveling with family and compromising our trips for the sake of agreeing. You might come from an over planning family and feel the need to do the same when you go on your trip.

What I learned is that I’m not the type of traveler that feels the need to create a jam-packed itinerary. Are there things that I wanted to see and saw? Of course, but the idea of just roaming a city listening to music and learning the ins and outs is what I love to do. I don’t stop in a nightclub, and I don’t go on excursions. I just walk and take it all in.

You also learn your travel quirks. Every time I visit a new place I frown in the daytime. I dismiss it as if it’s just another city and I’m disappointed that I chose to spend my money there because there is nothing magical about it.

Until night time. I never fall in love with a city until the lights from all the buildings decorate the streets. It goes from being just another row of buildings to something unique of its own.

I honestly do not remember mush of this trip because it was so long ago. The highlights of my trip were:

  • I walked around to so many different record stores buying albums.
  • I tried Sushi for the first time and loved it.
  • Standing next to the Space Needle and realizing how small I was compared to it. Then rolling my eyes and mumbling under my breath, “You a damn lie.” at the thought of riding to the top.

The coolest part was I did not come close to getting raped, kidnapped, stabbed or sold into a sex ring.

Leave a comment and tell me about where you went for your first solo trip (What’s stopping you if you haven’t?) and what type of traveler you are. 🙂


When: Dec 29th- Jan 1st
Where: Hotel Max
How: Frontier

3 thoughts on “First Solo Trip – Seattle”

  1. Rae says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Seatlle. It’s still on my list and I’m closer to getting around to it. I’m thinking about going on an Alaskan cruise and Seattle is one of the ports so we’ll see. It has always seemed like such a beautiful city.

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    1. Harper says:

      It’s really is beautiful. I am dying to go to Alaska. There are these cool ice caves there but I’m scared of getting left behind on a cruise lol

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