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The Gentrified Life: Radnor Park & Barista Parlor

When you ask anybody that you meet, “What’s the fun thing to do in your city.” Nine times out of ten, the answer is always that there is nothing to do or that it’s overrated. It’s something about not appreciating home that most of us have in common but if you asked me about New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, etc I could name something. Even with my nonchalant travel style.

Though beautiful, Nashville never made me want to see it. It may be the assumption that it will always be here to explore. That I will always be here to explore it but with the passing of my grandmother this week everyday that I’m not doing something, searching for something, accomplishing something feels like a waste. The city is rapidly changing so I have challenged myself to get out there and try to enjoy my city.

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The first stop was Radnor Park. This park is not anything close to new to Nashville but I wanted to do something active where I could feel like I was somewhere new, fresh and at peace.

The park was not cluttered for a Thursday morning and it had exceptional lake views and wild life. With every turn and incline you’d be delighted by the sight of deer grazing. After the crap week I had, the peacefulness that I received made me want to commit to scheduling a weekly hike. At least until I woke up the next day sore in all the wrong places.

Afterwards, I did what any crazed person would do after working out. I ate all those calories back and more.

I wanted to try something new to Nashville. Somewhere unique in the look, which is easy to find in gentrified East Nashville. I centered my focus around the newest neighborhood to be renamed, Germantown.

Barista Parlor, is located in a former auto shop turned coffee shop with a spacious open floor plan and industrial rustic decor. Yes, it was perfectly gentrified and full of yuppieness.

They offer a breakfast menu and array of different coffees. Expensive. Overly priced cups of exotic coffees that are double digits in price. My first thought was at least it’s cute.

I ordered a mocha ($6.50) & burrito ($10-13), thanking God I did not have to pay for it.

I am not much of a coffee drinker and expected the mocha to be more mocha and less coffee flavored. This left me at a slight disadvantage when I had to pour milk and sugar into my already filled to the brim cup. The breakfast burrito was pretty decent but the sour cream that came with it brought life to it which is a negative to me. I’m a firm believer that the dish should be able to stand alone without an additional condiment. Especially if it’s being served on the side. I feel like the burrito lacked seasoning and I had to request more sour cream to finish it happily. Unfortunately, sour cream alone is not worth $10-13.

I could have went to McDonalds AND Starbucks for less and had a more flavorful meal.

Will I visit this coffee shop again? Probably not. Though, this is a nice place to bring my Macbook Air and be pretentious but I don’t know if it’s cute enough to buy an almost $7 medium cup of coffee just for the atmosphere and to take Instagram pictures. You can judge for yourself.

Barista Parlor
519 Gallatin Ave
Nashville, TN, 37206

Barista Parlor
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