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Los Angeles: My Vacation. My Rules.

Sometimes when I go on vacation I feel as though if I don’t do certain things that I’m wasting my money. When I woke up the second day with movies on my schedule but still drowsy from that pill I took, I felt like a complete failure. A lot of times I push myself out of the hotel bed for the sake of having things to blog about but this day I did not want to move, eat, blink, or breathe. I just wanted to sleep. I laid in the bed all day trying to convince myself it was okay to not go outside. I was so riddled with guilt.

I think it’s important to say that it’s okay if you don’t want to do certain things when you’re on vacation. A lot of people hit me up about things to do and places they should go to but you should go do what you want to do. If you want to fly to Barbados and spend thousands at a resort just to sit on a balcony and read a book, enjoy your book. A vacation is for relaxing and getting away from the constant activity from your typical day to day but somehow we feel the need to do and see everything while away. We get right back home and need another vacation for the vacation.

When I was in Belize, I wanted to stop and buy fruit off the side of the road just because it’s something that I always see people do. I shook my head and asked myself, “Do you trust road fruit?” I paused in the street. Honestly contemplating the question and rolled my eyes and was like, “Nah, you ain’t even hungry enough to be eating road fruit.” Sometimes you’re doing stuff and running to see things just because you saw someone else do it instead of enjoying your time how you want.

I always try to remember that my life will be long and I should probably leave the 100 other places left to see or things to do as a reason to come back. Just relax.

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