Recap Day 4 & 5: Adios. + Companies Used

San Pedro, Belize, greetingsfromharper

My last day I wanted to spend time finding a beach that I can sit in for hours before Jesus came to scoop me up but after the long travel day that I had before..I was over it. I just wanted to spend my day not running into wildlife watching movies so when I woke up I tried to ration out the cookies and chips that I brought the day before but by noon I realized that I might not make it with the amount of food that I had so I got up and walked to the store nearby.

Does anyone ever get caught up in browsing other people’s travel pictures and see the honorary market picture.Every time I passed a booth that sold fresh fruit I just kept telling myself, “You don’t want any fruit. You just want to post a fruit picture on Instagram.” How many people do that? Don’t take a picture or make effort to experience something because you want to remember it but feel obligated because you think it’s a prerequisite to the completion of your trip. In a way, I have to take pictures of a lot of things because I have a travel blog but if it’s not true to me and what I really want to experience I move on by. You don’t have to buy fruit for a photo or to say that you did it.

I was craving cookies and a coke so that’s what I ended up buying. But why did this guy tried to slide his drink onto my tab though. Sneaky sneaky Belizean. On the way back, I called Jesus and told him what time to pick me up.

When I woke up, Jesus forgot about me again and when he did arrive to pick me up to take me back to the water Taxi, he had his daughter in the car. Jesus loved to do other stuff besides take me where I needed to go. Not only did he have her in the car, he picked up madd kids to drop him off at school.

How are you late taking me where I need to go and…So I get to the water taxi. He charges me $5 US. I almost hit him in the eye ya’ll.

First day, $5 US. 2nd day, $7.50 US. 3rd day, $7.50 US and today, today you gonna go back to $5 US?

When I arrived back to mainland Belize, I could not find my shuttle’s phone number so I was waiting for an hour for him to show up. In the meantime, these guys were on me about me accepting their ride to the airport. One guy kept checking on me every 15 minutes saying, “I could have had you there by now. $25 US, the cheapest ride that you can get!” Lies. I paid $14 US for my shuttle. Bob and James kept me company for awhile when they got to work. Those guys are a hoot. Of course Bob wanted to know if I saw that James was at work and if I was taking James back to the US.

Finally, I saw a sign being held and Jamar was back. I was hoping he would be the person picking me up and my trip ended how it started with laughter, meaningful conversation and a feeling of connection.



Water Taxi ($35RT): http://www.belizewatertaxi.com/
Airport Shuttle ($28 RT): https://belize-shuttles.trekksoft.com/en/belizecityshuttles
AirBnB: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/4997035
Lamanai Tour: http://www.caribbeanbreezetours.com/

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