La Diva Restaurant | Review

Before stepping foot into this restaurant, I already wrote the food in Colombia off as the best food that I’ve experienced so far worldwide. No questions. I’ve never experienced such extensive use of seasoning in any place I’ve visited. America included.


Colombia | El Peñol & Guatapé Tour

The last day spent in Medellin was spent outside of Medellin in a city called Guatape. I booked this through Medellin Day Trips. They came and picked us up at the Airbnb and we rode privately to the small city.



I recently just got back from Colombia and I’m disappointed. So I’m not going to go through the trouble of recapping every single day like normal and I’ll tell you why I left disappointed. It’s two or three reasons honestly.


Solo Travel Is Cool Until You Don’t Want To

First, I guess I should tell you guys I’m going to Bangkok, Thailand in June. Once I figure out the rest, I will update you with my travel schedule.

Solo traveling, for me, is a means to an end and not a preference. I’ve said this a dozen times but I wouldn’t have been to half of the places if I waited on someone to join me. I know it’s not an uncommon problem to have but it’s annoying. Especially when you’re scrolling through Instagram and see all the squad goals pictures in exotic and interesting countries. For my 30th birthday, I thought that people would rally together to help me celebrate. I asked every person that I know and some said yes.

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Los Angeles: Mini Reviews of AFI FEST Films

All of my adult life I would book random trips and then realized that if I did some research I could have went to some type of event. Whether it was a film or food festival, I would notice that I would miss out on experiencing cool events so this year I attempted to travel with a purpose. I originally wanted to go to New York Film Festival but I was too impatient for the tickets to go on sale. I didn’t want to book a trip and not be able to go because I could not get the tickets so I chose Toronto Film Festival.  However, after about a week of hurt feelings and tears from being denied by racist Airbnb owners, I completely gave up the dream. I searched every day for another major festival but every festival that I saw had already came and went or was days away. But then I stumbled upon AFI Fest and my dream was realized again.