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What’s In My Travel Bag?

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What you bring onto the flight is the most important decision ever. You want to pack everything that’s important to you but not everything and the kitchen sink. You don’t want to be that person having to take everything out of your bag just to find something. I personally do not travel with a purse and if I do it is in my checked luggage. I travel with a backpack because it is larger, won’t spill my things and will help me get through TSA quicker. You can view my personal travel bag: here.


1. Beats By Dre Studio Headphones, $129.99, Amazon.com, Noise canceling headphones are always a must for any mode of public transportation. It sends everyone the memo that you do not want to be bothered. Even if you do not play any music, it keeps the noise levels at the minimum. No more crying babies or talkative neighbors. You are alone in your own world until that cutie walks by and you take them off just in case they are your soul mate. Only me? Don’t leave me hanging.

2. Selfie Stick, $13.99, Amazon.com, You can never leave home without a selfie stick. Even though you may look like a douche in a sea of douchebags hanging out in front of Big Ben with selfie sticks, it’s worth it for the memory. You can’t trust random strangers with your valuables to take your pictures. You make it too easy to rob you.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab2, $224.99, Amazon.com, I don’t believe that you should be focused on the internet when you are traveling but having your tablet is a better option than carrying a laptop through security. It’s easier on the back.

4. Zoppen Unisex RFID Blocking Passport Wallet, $11.99, Amazon.com, RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. This will prevent someone from trying to steal your card information while you are traveling. I am broke enough and if you are not trying to get scammed, invest in this.

5.  Book, I always choose a book that will have help romanticize my trip. I love a romance novel or book full of assassin adventures.

6. Samsung Fast Charge Portable Battery, $44.99, Amazon.com, I cannot feel safe without my phone being charged. I have to be able to contact who I need to contact when I need to contact them or find myself when I get lost.

7. Magazine, I choose magazines with pretty pictures and interesting stories. I do not want to bog my spirit down with serious world topics.

8. Face Mask, $2.99, Walmart (In Store), Can you fall asleep with bright lights in your face?

9. GoPro, $299, Amazon.com, If I am traveling somewhere with an ocean or water activity. I will always pack my GoPro. I actually have two that I pack in my backpack.

10. Stationary, $6.99, Walmart (In Store), The best part about traveling is including the people that I love in my trip. I usually send postcards but my new thing is sending handwritten letters with a fountain pen. I, of course, pack the wax sealing kit in my checked bag. I plan on printing a photo at a local drug store and placing it in an envelope.

11. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, $29.60, Amazon.com, If you are traveling internationally, it is always important to make sure that you have a pen in your bag because they always ask you to fill out paperwork for customs. It does not have to be this fancy but this is for my stationary.

** I forgot to label the book light but please pack this and not be inconsiderate. I am not trying to be bothered by the light because you want to read. You could steal one from your grandma.

What’s in your travel bag?

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    This post literally makes me want to travel. Like right now.

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    Thanks for the great tips !!!

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