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Yearly Recap: Oh the places!


Sometimes I get so caught up in planning the next trip that I feel like I haven’t been anywhere or seen anything. Especially if a travel deal pops up and I have no money to nab it. So I have decided to write a post as a reminder of all the trips that I was blessed to take within the past year. Also a reminder to slow down and enjoy the present.

London, England- March 2016

Evening delight.

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I was so nervous and so excited for this trip. I don’t want to call it my first “real” passport stamp because the Dominican Republic is a real place but it was like, “Dude, I’m really about to go to LONDON.” I had many plans for this trip that did not go through based on the company that I had and the fact that I was under dressed and got pneumonia. It’s a southern thing to be oblivious on how to pack for cold weather. I do want to go back because I didn’t get to take advantage of everything the city had to offer.

Indianapolis, Indiana – April 2016

The best part about travel through Louisville. I never stopped in it but I might have to one day.

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I lost my job when I got back from London. This mini road trip was a quick getaway and celebration that I could do, see and plan for life again. We literally took a turn around trip up the road. I walked around downtown for a bit to see what it looked like in Indianapolis and we got back on the road to go home. I love passing by this bridge every time I return back through Kentucky.

Miami, Florida – May 2016

I love water. I'm going back tomorrow. #Miami2016🐊🌴🚘

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This trip was one of necessity. My aunt’s father passed and my mom wanted to go to his funeral and I wanted to go see my friend and her baby that was just born so we killed two birds with one stone on this road trip down to Miami.

Port St. Lucia, Florida- May 2016

I love riding with my mom places because she’s always down to change up the plan or stop and see things. On the way back from Miami, we traveled up the eastern coast of Florida along the A1A and visited all the beaches and played scratch offs. It was like two trips in one.

Route 66, USA – Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California – June 2016

Leaning Tower. #Britten #Route66

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I planned to make a post about this trip but I wasn’t quite sure what to say or include and time passed and I’m not really good at posting about something I don’t care about anymore. Remember, I am already on the next trip before I’ve gone on the current trip so I was a bit over it and exhausted. We completed this trip in about five days and realized we were never going to do THAT again (LOL). A lot of things were removed because time got away from us but it was an amazing experience. All those family road trip movies that I watched growing up and wanted to live was us.

New Orleans, LA – June 2016

On the way back from Route 66, we decided to go to New Orleans so my cousin could see it but we were too tired for him to see it all. We drove through, got some Cafe Du Monde and ordered a pizza in the hotel. Let me tell you that those beignets didn’t stand a chance.

Daphne, Alabama – June 2016

Beware? No worries. Bye. #Daphne #Alabama #MobileBay

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We wanted to stop in Pensacola, Florida for a chance to swim in another beach but we decided to stop in Alabama instead. We didn’t get much of a beach out of it. We were scared to get close to the water.

Asheville, North Carolina -September 2016

Out here chilling at the Cherokee Dam.

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I was up browsing the internet for things to do near Nashville and stumbled across this beautiful mansion called The Biltmore. I wrote a blog about this trip, you can check it out HERE.

Kentucky Downs, Kentucky – October 2016

it's lit.😍

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Adan, my friend from work, invited me to go on a mini trip up the highway to play Bingo. When I tell you the nachos were fire, the games were full of excitement and fun, I mean it. Bingo is a real sport and should have a slot on ESPN.

San Francisco, California – November 2016

My friend Carla said she was going to San Fran so I said I was going to San Fran. I have been dreaming of going for so long I jumped at the opportunity. This trip saved my life. It renewed my spirit. I felt like I had an Eat, Love and Pray moment. If you haven’t read the blog, you can visit HERE.

San Pedro, Belize – January 2017

no longer worrying about what im lacking. enjoying what i have and what I'm capable of. #OceanView #Belize

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Belize, was my first “big girl” trip out of the country and it was amazing with the exception of the wildlife that kept intruding upon my life. You can catch those blogs here, here, here, and here.

So far it has been an eventful year. I forgot about half of these trips until I checked my instagram feed for this post. I’m hoping this year can be just as full of fun.

Where have you gone in the last year?

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  1. Verdia says:

    I loved your recap! Forgot we done all of that last year. I need a break!

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  2. MsLioness1970 says:

    Hi Verdia, I remember you telling me about someone these trip. Photos are simply beautiful.

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